Hey St. Louis the San Francisco Giants chose ShoreTel

Giants Choose ShoreTel

The San Francisco Giants selected the ShoreTel business telephone system.  They considered Cisco, Nortel and Avaya before making their selection.


VOIP will save you big money

The Voice over IP capabilities of the ShoreTel are saving the Giants thousands of dollars.  You can select a ShoreTel business telephone system for your office in St. Louis by contacting Ideacom Midwest at 314-961-0557.  They will be happy to give you a professional demonstration of the system, unified communications, mobility and more.  Please click this link to hear directly from Bill Schlough the Chief Information officer of the San Francisco Giants and let him tell you why he selected ShoreTel.  http://t.co/D27xaw7qmZ


SIP Lines for Business Phones in St. Louis 314-961-0557

SIP lines for business phones in St. Louis 314-961-0557

The quality of the lines connecting your business phone system will depend on the carrier and your installing company. If you are looking for a SIP Provider in St. Louis you have many choices. 

It is nice to have your provider located in the same town or city as your business but it is not necessary.  SIP is delivered over the Internet allowing your provider to be located anywhere in the country. 

If you can find a SIP provider in your local community that also understands the connectivity between the business telephone system and the SIP lines you can avoid a lot of finger pointing if complications arise.  The SIP carrier you choose should have a back up location to automatically provide your continued service in the event of a disaster at their primary location.

 Search the Internet and you should come up with several viable alternatives.  Pricing on SIP is not regulated so there can be substantial differences in the prices that you find. 

When checking prices make sure the carrier is quoting the total charges you should expect.  There are additional charges for many of the extra features that you might assume are standard. 

Don’t forget to ask about long distance charges and the rate per minute. Select a quality SIP carrier.  Your provider should know if your business telephone system is compatible with SIP.  If you want to learn more about SIP, business phone systems, Voice over IP, business phone lines, IP PBX or unified communications visit our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/OfficePhoneStLouis and browse some of our other videos or call us, Ideacom Midwest at 314-961-0557.

Shoretel Takes Complexity Out Of IP Communication Solutions

IT system failures are costly. In the US alone, IT failures cost businesses more than $1 trillion each year in lost productivity and lost revenue.  A lot of these failures could be eliminated by simply reducing complexity. ShoreTel’s system architecture is an important factor that eliminates this complexity.

ShoreTel Reduces Complexity

Complex VOIP and IP Unified Communication solutions require highly skilled people to manage them.  Complexity contributes to costly system failures and every minute of downtime adds to lost revenue.

ShoreTel has solved this problem with a simple purpose-built voice architecture.   The ShoreTel solution is a highly reliable distributed voice service in one seamless business telephone system.  System failures are reduced.  ShoreTel delivers “five 9s” of system availability through solid state hardware.

To Learn more about ShoreTel go to our YouTube Channel at http://YouTube.com/shoretelsalesstlouis.

You can also call us at 314-961-0557 to schedule a demonstration of the ShoreTel business telephone system or check out our website at http://www.ideacommidwest.com

Flexible and Scalable Business Telephone System Solution from Shoretel

Most business phone system manufacturers carry multiple products.  Some of these systems are designed for large businesses and others for small businesses.  What happens to the businesses that are in the middle?

Too many times businesses are forced to purchase more capacity than they really need in their business telephone system.  Business owners want flexibility in their phone equipment.  In today’s uncertain business environment, companies demand scalable business telephone systems. They need the flexibility to scale up and down easily and inexpensively.

Businesses today want the flexibility to reconfigure and conform to changes in their organizations.

ShoreTel is the only IP phone system manufacturer that provides one system flexible enough to give customers the freedom to “pay-as-you-grow” from 10 to over 10,000 users without loss to their investment.  Businesses are not forced into fork lift upgrades with the ShoreTel IP Business Telephone System.  The architecture of the system is based on switches.  Adding users is as simple as adding a switch along with the necessary licenses.

Shoretel Business Telephone System Switches

Shoretel Business Telephone System Switches

Ideacom Midwest is a ShoreTel dealer serving the St Louis Metro area.  To find out more about the ShoreTel IP telephone system or to set up a demonstration call us at (314) 961-0557.

Check out the video here

Shoretel Business Telephone System wins award for Best Unified Communications Value

ShoreTel continues to win awards.  ShoreTel recently won an award for being the best unified communications value.  The ShoreTel telephone system has the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership and that fact is guaranteed.  Shoretel Communications provides customers with tools to calculate their total cost of ownership and get the most cost effective unified communications solution.

A thorough Total Cost of Ownership analysis can help organizations choose and deploy the most cost effective Unified Communications solutions.

For an unprecedented 8th year in a row, ShoreTel has won the coveted PilotHouse Award for best Unified Communications “VALUE” which considers technology, customer service and total cost of ownership.

ShoreTel provides a Total Cost of Ownership tool to help organizations calculate their own Total Cost of Ownership and they are the only Unified Communications vendor that gives customers a “Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Guarantee”. The ShoreTel Total Cost of Ownership tool can help companies choose the most cost effective Unified Communications Solution.

With ShoreTel maintenance, the costs of all upgrades are covered. There are no additional charges for upgrades.

The ShoreTel solution allows companies to easily expand from 10 to over 10,000 users with the same basic technology. Companies pay only for the capacity they need when they need it.

Check out our video here

To find out more about the ShoreTel business telephone system in St Louis call us at 314-961-0557 or go to our website at http://www.ideacommidwest.com.

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